December 2014

A multidirectorial short film about a boy who keeps remembering what he's forgotten.

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This was a collabortion with 6 different directors affiliated with the North Idaho Film Club. We each directed a scene, and then stitched them all in a row to make the film. I played the lead, David, a boy who supresses memories and passes out when triggered. The film freeassociates between triggers that bring back memories, which serve as the cuts between scenes. There is a very wide space of difference between styles across the film. I directed the first and last scenes, and I hardcoded subtitles because I didn't have the capacity for good audio. Someone recorded their scene in reverse, another had some serious framerate issues, and another put in a green screen fire. It's messy, but I think we all learned a lot doing it.

Because of my position as the lead I did play the role of what I now realize is the producer. I managed schedules and kept everyone on track. I also need to say that from a distance, wow, this is a really sloppy and bad representation of mental illness. Obviously this would be a very different project if I was involved with it now.

Also just a funny little personal note: This was at a time where I started messing around with my gender expression, and gosh those outfits were really a cry for help huh

Here's the link if the embedded one above doesn't work. Hosted on the NIC Film Club YouTube.