March 2015

A meat-eater pranks their vegan friend. Quick-made for 50-Hour Slam.

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Actor & General crew.

This was made over the course of 50 hours for the 50-Hour Slam Film Fest in Spokane, WA. Quite frankly it's a 6-minute nightmare fever dream. Division Digital led production, collaborating with the North Idaho College Film Club. I played the vegan lead, opposite John “Risky" Boltz playing the meat-eater. He puts some burger in my pile of kale, I freak out and kill someone in order to feed it to him as a prank. He gets grossed out, I leave, I return with a cake that says sorry. It's a classic hastily-made slasher film fest video.

Here's the link to the video. Hosted by 50 Hour Slam on Vimeo.