Fran O'Farrell

hi, thanks for poking around my website! I'm a seamstress, filmmaker, writer, and baker currently residing in Moscow, ID. I'm a nonbinary transfemme and I use they/she pronouns. Virgo ☀️ / Gemini 🌑. In the past I went by Patrick, and you'll likely see this if you explore the pages. I go by Fran now.

If you want to get in contact, here are some of the places I exist online ↯ E-mail is best!

✉️ fofrancisarrell.neogeocities@gOutside the window I see Moscow Mountain through a thin layer of haze. It's October and the leaves are starting to turn. One of the trees in my eyeline is a mottled in-between of burnt auburn and a deep, lush, lively

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pricing & process

Prices are based on a $12 hourly rate. If materials are required I'll add that into the cost. I'm also totally happy to operate by mail, but I would expect you to pay shipping.

I'll give you an estimate once I understand the nature of what you need. When I'm done with the project I'll give a sliding-scale range that you can pick within, with the least and most I'd be comfortable being paid on either end. Also: 20% off for trans folks and POC! (meaning the low end of the scale would be 20% cheaper)

If you want me to work on something for you, get in contact with a description of the problem or what you need done. Ideally I'd love an e-mail explanation with photos (visuals are helpful), but I'm totally down with consulting over phone or video or, if you already know me, whatever medium we already communicate.

For a very rough estimate of what something might cost, Altered Ego (a wonderful alteration business in Moscow) has a page that I've been referencing, here's the link. As I do more and get a better sense of how long it takes me to do things, I intend to make something similar for myself.

the website

This website is hosted on the lovely Neocities. I started working on it the week of September 15th, 2020, and had the first complete version on October 15th. I wanted a dynamic online portfolio space as well as an excuse to sift through everything I've ever done in the hopes of aligning my energies toward the most joyous possible future.

I've done my best to get everything formatted to work perfectly well on mobile, but there are only so many platforms I have access to test on, so let me know if something seems really broken.

Last updated: 3/27/2021