You are standing in front of a small house. It's yours.

Standing outside you can see the low fence surrounding a modest garden. Most noticeable are the tomato plants, bearing fruits not-quite flushed with red.

You open the front door and kneel down to unlace your boots, then set them by the others near the door.

Walking over to the kitchen, you take in your surroundings. You've been out almost all day, having left just before sunrise. You notice dishes in the sink while you wash your hands. Investigating the evidence, it seems that your beautiful partner made herself a muffin and a small amount of coffee before she left on her own adventure today. There isn't a dirty mug, so she must've taken the coffee with her in a canteen.

Drying your hands, you decide to not be productive for the rest of the day. You climb into bed, shuffling a small pile of your clothes and a laptop phone out of the way. The laptop is open and plugged in, with a webpage pulled up in the browser. You notice the page is being edited, so you save the work and put the laptop away. The phone is yours, you didn't take it with you. Not sure how long you've been gone, but no new notifications. Unlocking it, you remember you were looking at a webpage. Nothing new there. You lock the phone again and toss it aside. Rolling over, you take in the light in the room. It's warm and inviting, that kind of light that makes you feel like you're in just the right place at just the right time.

Outside one of the windows you can see the forest behind the house.