You're laid back on a great slab of stone. When the doe nudges you awake, you lean up and look out over the edge of the ledge and can see far down below a rough circle of trees through the canopy. The doe leads you away from the cliff, into a cave in the mountain's face.

Inside it's irridescent. The doe lights up, a warm pink flooding the rocky walls. The two of you head deeper. It's dry, almost powdery. Somethings pulling you further in.

A rich orange washes across a new wall, and you realize it's an exit. When you come out the other side, the sunset is blinding in it's intensity. You pick up the doe to carry her up a winding path. You can sense a danger below you, licking up the sides of the mountain. You know the moon should be in the sky, but you can't seem to see it from here. The sun opens up on itself like a door in a woosh, and the light shifts. Across the sky, it goes from orange to purple to green to gray to brown. In a terrifying way, it's comforting. As you rise up the mountain, you see inhuman figures ushering you further and further up. An ox lifts you over a great crack in the path with it's horns. You feel confident, with the doe still pressed against your chest, it's warm little heart beating like a song you've heard before. The angels around you thrum in time like synths. You don't feel so alone. The deep aches you always carry with you feel like they're healing. You've never felt more purposeful. The earth shakes, and you almost lose your footing. Boulders tumble down next to you, but you feel invincible. The angels smile at you. You imagine yourself somewhere safe, and there you are.

a safe room at the top of the mountain, the doe curled up next you you. headphones on. there is chaos outside, but there's salt across the doorway. your brain is quiet. you're doing the right thing.

a flash of light.