March 2020

A little story of a city queer coming to live in a small rural town and realizing it might not be so bad.

After grad school, Caromine takes an internship at a horse museum in the rural Palouse. Their city-sensibilities bristle in fear as they pull into town past hulking trucks and gruff men. As they're moving in to their new home, the sink breaks. The handyman is called, and after a tense wait, Danika knocks on the door. They turn out to be a friendly Carhartt-overall-wearing, toolbox-toting dykey genderqueer. Danika shows Caromine around town, they have a good time.

Lightly influenced by Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise, Heavily influenced by a desire for a heartwarming quotidian story of queer companionship in rural spaces.

Written over the course of Ben James' Introduction to Screenwriting. A simple sunny refuge during my final semester.

Here's the link to the pdf if you'd like to read it! This is currently far past my capacity for filmic realization (too many characters, too many locations) so for the moment I'm really happy to share it. I poured a lot of little joys and pleasures into this one and I'd very much like it if other people could enjoy it.