Playing Bach

November 2019

University of Idaho Bach Festival, 2019.

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This was another video I made during my time as a work study for the Video Production Center. I saw that the annual Bach Festival was coming up, so I made a plan to record the performances at “Bach in the Round", a series of performances by students and faculty open to the public. Once the event was over I asked around to find a good person to interview about it. Christopher Pfund very kindly agreed to meet in his office and engaged me in a very moving discussion about the power of performing such old music, and the intimacy of musical collaboration.

This and Wandering Book Artists are the only two video from my time with the VPC I'm sharing here, because they are the two that I led creatively. There were quite a few other videos that I shot or edited, but I figure this director list is getting awfully long...

Here's the link if the embedded one above doesn't work. Hosted on the University of Idaho's YouTube.