Fall 2019 - present

A short documentary interviewing 3 former students of LOGOS, a private christian K-12 school in Moscow, ID, about the lasting effects of their time there.

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Co-directed with Caity Kreuger. The two of us filled all roles collaboratively.

This was my senior capstone project for my Film & Television Studies degree. In the fall I initiated an independent study so that I could fully work on pre-production, and in the spring I started production. I applied for and recieved a research grant to fund production costs, so we were able to purchase gear and travel to Portland and Boise for a long weekend each to conduct interviews and record cutaway.

We had plans for another long weekend in San Francisco, but it turned out to be the weekend the city shut down due to COVID. We decided to cancel the flights, and promptly went into lockdown. I edited something together from the footage we had shot and had something done in time for the KINO Short Film festival, but after consulting with the people interviewed we decided it wasn't the right choice to publicly share the story.