SoGreatandPowerful & Griffinilla - 40 Winks

April 2013

A music video about an insomniac who dreams an impossible dream.

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This is a music video I made during my senior year of high school, almost entirely on my own. My friend Brady kindly held the camera while I ran around barefoot behind his house. Travis let me use his bedroom. I didn't know how to do a timelapse, but I knew I needed one, so I went out to a back road in Blanchard and sat there with the camera rolling all evening until after the sun set.

This was never uploaded anywhere. I was going to upload it now for this website, but it looks like the original file's audio is corrupted, so I'd have to rerender it. Oh well. For now you can listen to the song here and flip through the photos. Watching the video myself, I can definitely tell it was my first go at music videos... There's not a lot of action. It's visible that I would have a single visual idea, and just hold on that idea for quite a few seconds. What I'm saying is: you're not missing much other than my goofy and embarassing loping through the woods.