July 2019

A psychological thriller filmed with funding from the University of Idaho.

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Production Sound Mixer. Intern.

This was for a short film directed by Benjamin James with funding from the University of Idaho. It was the largest crew and the most real set I'd ever worked on and taught me an immense amount about what sound mixing is like during production. It also showed me that it's a thing I want to keep doing!

As the Production Sound Mixer, I was entirely in charge of sound during production. For most of my time on set I carried around a big bulky fanny pack with an audio recorder inside hooked up to 3 wireless lavaliers and a boom mic. I set mics up on actors, captured audio for every single shot, gathered ambient and detail sounds, and managed and organized files before they went to storage at the end of each night. On top of that I did a lot of general crew work, communicating with people, fetching things, difusing stress, getting people on the same page, and keeping things on schedule.

Here's an article from the Journalism and Mass Media department that gives more info about the project, including more names of the people leading it. There are also two more pictures of me!

The film hasn't left post-production, and quite frankly I'm not sure if it ever will, but I've included some of the photos I took behind the scenes.