Lo Siento - Broke

June 2015

Short music video. Meant to be part of an unrealized series of videos for an album.

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Concept, Crew & Editor.

This is a music video for a song on Abel Siemens' first album, Lo Siento. He's removed most of the songs from the bandcamp page since we worked on this project, but it used to have quite a few short, bare interludes between the larger, more developed songs. This was meant to go with one of them, “Broke".

Abel did the music and plays the main character in the video. Audrey Keaty ran the camera, a great old VHS one. I edited and helped during the shooting. We all worked together to conceptualize a story arc tracking three for four narratives over the original 14 songs. There were a lot of clever ideas, and Broke was the easiest, so we started there. But then we stopped. I think it was because I moved away, and the project lost steam.

It wasn't ever uploaded anywhere, but there isn't much that happens. Abel's car breaks down, he looks at it, he walks away. The images should be enough here.