3 options: 1) Hyperlink when you click the HTML file, it opens in your browser. It should read and act like a webpage. This should be running with the style.css document, which should be turning this page a gradiated dark purple-brown and putting this text inside a dark box, which should be this many characters wide: 123456789 . 10 . 1123456789 (49) . 20 . (fyi, 21233456789 . this only 30 . works if the 3123456789 . font is monospace) 40 ....................................4123456789 If this font is too small (or too big), a lot of browsers have a way to set the zoom level that stays the same for everything inside this root folder. I've mainly built this from the perspective of a wide-screened computer running firefox. If you're accessing this on a phone, some of the formatting is going to be a little busted. It'll be a different perspective. 2) Locallink You're in the .html version of this document, so I'm assuming you're doing the above, but I'd like to mention that I also built this with a raw, notepad mode in mind; More info in the .txt version of this doc. You'll have to find the links yourself in the file architecture, but it shouldn't be too hard. If you are accessing online, the best you've got is the index. 3) a secret third thing, beyond what i can imagine.