You approach the bush that the rat was heading for, scanning the sky to be sure there aren't anymore hawks. It's a sturdy bush, brambly with leaves spiked and hearty. The fence stretches on in either direction and you don't immediately see a way into the park. You squat down to see if the rat saw something you didn't, but there's nothing. A bit further on to the left, you stop to look through a less overgrown section and it dawns on you that this place looks familiar. There didn't used to be a fence here. The park has a dense canopy of leaves caught in color transition. In the center of the park, you can see the signs of the stairs that lead down into a cultivated pit, which hold a huge statue of a woman. The pit is so deep that her slouched head is all that's visible above the ground line. From here she seems to be averting her gaze beneath her stone shroud. You remember her less sunk. You're pretty sure there's a tram line nearby.