You figure you should make some distance between you and the coffeeshop, so you start walking. A few steps in the same direction as TZ, then you think better of it and go the other way. The guy you saw in the window is still leaning out, already started on another cigarette. The building block stretches on for a good while, bathed in the early sun. When you come out the end of the street, the light blinds you for a moment, and it feels good. The egg is sitting nicely in your stomach, you feel full and nourished. The stars in your vision leave you staring at the ground. A rat scurries past your foot, and you watch it scamper away from you, across the street, up onto the sidewalk, making a beeline for a low bush leaning through a tall black metal fence, but a hawk swoops in just before it can make it. It flies away up the street, over another building across from the corner, and out of sight.