at the top of some great structure? nestled inside something for sure. it grants a new perspective on something old when you arrive at the entrance, the space is wireframed, not meant to load this way you aren't supposed to be here when you walk through the entrance, you feel a cold sickness wash over you, like passing through a ghost inside it is green and lush and like the most beautiful perfect place you could imagine. trees stretch up overhead, water trickles in little waterfalls from the wall into a mossy wading pool, which in turn flows into a knee-deep canal that encircles the space in front of you. to your left, huge arches let a bright, blinding sunlight cast itself over the scene. Crumbling columns and huge blocks of stone are strewn about the space, yet they seem to suggest some long-forgotten system. If you follow them to the back of the room, through the trees, you'll find a ramp that leads you to what must've been a staircase, but it's too broken to climb. The balcony it led to is still there, and up above you can make out ledges and platforms that seem to suggest you would've been able to get even higher than you already have. As you look around, the scene and its structures seem to waver, like other versions of this same space are vying for control, flitting in and out. Somehow it doesn't spoil the tranquility. You're drawn into the scrutiny, absorbed. You feel un-alone here.