You catch yourself against the earth with your arm, grinding dirt into the bite. It stings. You lay there for a while, your coat draped over the top of you. You just breathe, thankful for the break. The wind blows over you, uninterested. Eyes closed, you smell the familiar smell of the inside of your coat, like home, like you. The muscles of your shoulder relax, letting you sink further into the ground. You can't smell the wind, and notice the dirt has a really nice aroma all its own; like when your hands are in the garden, but extra vivid. Really big breath through your nose. Wow, that's really nice. The light blinks and sparks behind your eyes, blurry and fuzzed. There is a wash of blue, then darker blue, then indigo, then purple, then shapes like stars, winking. A feeling of lightness. You're ok. The stars go tender green, and when you open your eyes, the light coming through your coat has relaxed it's intensity. You notice the tiny sprouting of a dicot past the tip of your nose.