You are standing on a big beautiful rug, its short fibers pressing against the bottom of your toes. The room is dark. A few streaks of light come through the drawn blinds. If you pulled them open you'd see vines on the window, and a good view. There are clothes strewn on the bed: pants, socks, dresses, a closed black laptop. Next to the bed is a cluttered desk with a reading lamp. You've packed a lot into this room, something like your whole life. In front of you is a small bookshelf where you keep all your precious things that can't live in your laptop. This bookshelf comfortably fills the space between your closet and the door to the rest of the apartment. Even though you're on the top floor, sometimes when you lay down to sleep there are gushing, rickety sounds coming from the ceiling. You can use the back button whenever you need to. If you don't know how, please find out.