A thin bevel of brassy metal pins the edge of the living room's carpeting, defining the inner edges of the kitchen. The linoleum is the color of sand, pock-marked and maybe-burned. The cabinets are painted panacotta-white. The sink is embedded in a short length of mottled beige countertop. The sink has two sides. One is empty, and the other has a pot half full of water. The faucet is on that side, the left one, over the pot, and if you turned the water on, it would splash and sputter until it evened into a regular rhythm, twinkling against the insides of the metal. Above the sink is a window, the kind that sticks out into the world a little bit, with the trapezoidal base full of little potted plants in various states of wellbeing. Through the four tall window panes the city is barely visible out to the east.